"Visual Karma (Body, Mind and Soul)" nuevo DVD de Lacuna Coil

02 octubre 2008

Lacuna Coil arroja información sobre su próximo trabajo. "Visual Karma (Body, Mind and Soul)" será el primer DVD que el grupo lanzará y que saldrá en Noviembre y del que ya poseemos la portada y el contenido:

Wacken Open Air 2007 in Wacken, Germany:

01. Intro
02. To The Edge
03. Fragments Of Faith
04. Swamped
05. In Visible Light
06. Fragile
07. Closer
08. Senzafine
09. What I See
10. Enjoy The Silence
11. Heaven's A Lie
12. Our Truth

Loudpark 2007 in Japan:

01. Intro/To The Edge
02. Swamped
03. Closer
04. Within Me
05. Daylight Dancer
06. Our Truth

Promotional Videos:

* Our Truth (Promotional Video)
* Enjoy The Silence (Promotional Video)
* Closer (Promotional Video)
* Within Me (Promotional Video)

Other features:

* The Band: Simple As Water
* Inside Milan
* The Leaning Journey Of Pizza
* 7-Seven... Strings Life
* The Real Thing
* Enter The Drummer
* Behind The Scenes: Australian Tour 2007
* First Time In Japan
* Making Of "Our Truth" Video
* Making Of "Closer" Video
* Fan Submissions (LACUNA COIL's Introductory Clip)
* Empty Spiral Interview
* To The Edge Remix Contest (Photogallery)
* Inside The Spiral (Link)
* Links

La edición limitada con cuatro discos incluirá:

* A 5.1 mix of the "Karmacode" album on audio DVD.
* A bonus CD with the Wacken Open Air audio live material.